About GCE

The Good Comma Mission: To perfect and protect the professional face of small businesses, academics, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals through superior editing services.

We’ve all been there: the bitter end of what should have been a glorious finale after weeks of labor, meetings, and revision—all to capture and display a masterpiece, informally known to your team as your “message.”  The problem?  There’s a typo in line two.  Or a tedious phrase where you needed one apt word.  Or an unstable sentence that looked safe in the lab only to die in the sunlight.

"How did that happen?" you ask yourself, instead of toasting your colleagues.  Worse still, your colleagues are toasting you, cementing your identity as the one team member who realizes that in the marketplace of ideas, your credit just got downgraded.

Maybe your audience won’t catch it—but if they’re less than astute, can you really afford to introduce ambiguity?  If it's the crème de la crème that you're wooing, are your word processor’s red and green squiggles a match for big corporate’s Fifth Avenue copywriters and editors?  The giants can afford to pay top-dollar for perfection—and evidently, they think it’s worth it.  But because many small businesses and not-for-profits consider perfection unattainable or already attained, they needlessly leave a slice of the market pie on the table.

Enter Good Comma: your new agent for perfecting and protecting your professional face.

Good Comma ensures that your message earns the credit it deserves by maximizing your ROI in the word economy.

“What else do I get with Good Comma?”

Good Comma pays dividends both outside and inside your organization:

  • Enhances your message to your current and potential audience—and if you’re a not-for-profit org, your message is likely your reason for existing!
  • Protects your organization from unfair assumptions about your competence and quality.
  • Models excellence for all of your teammates. Because all corporate goals must be communicated before they can be achieved, good leadership starts with good language.  Like sap through a tree, pristine language usage transmits energy through all channels of an organization. 

Don't be nervous.  Good Comma Editing makes several promises:

  • No tampering. Good Comma exists to make your message more your own.

  • No worries. Good Comma provides quality assurance before you show the world what you’re made of (or, if you prefer, that of which you are made).

  • No backseat driving. Often, a writer already senses what he or she is missing and just needs help finding it. Good Comma is your new GPS. Plug in your coordinates and let us take you there.