Praise for Good Comma Editing

"Good Comma made dozens of improvements to our marketing kit right before we went to print."

— Justin P., Blue Ash Media

"Michael came highly recommended and did not disappoint. From our initial conversation to the finished product, Michael showed a wealth of wisdom in the areas of character development and vocabulary streamlining. He brought the same intense focus from the very first word of the memoir manuscript all the way past word number 80,000. His attention to detail and the willingness to go that extra step is truly reflected in his work."

— Joshua L., Founder & Chief Legacy Scribe, Legacy Editions Publishing

“I felt very confident turning in my master’s thesis because I knew my best work was presented in a clear and error-free piece of writing. Thank you, Good Comma Editing! My favorite part of how you edited was that I felt like you respected what I wrote. You valued my work and wanted it to be presented well.”

— Mandy S., Child Behavioral Consultant

“Thank you and great job! The layout change to the CV is perfect.”

— Mike A., Manufacturing Business Owner

“I have never had such a good resume. I will be recommending your company to many colleagues.”

— Tony W., Aviation Embedded Systems Engineer

"Michael's attention to detail keeps us looking sharp for our clients and raises the bar for our competition."

— Chris D., Aurora Marketing Group

“Michael's care and craft for my prose were top-notch. I read once that of the innumerable ways to write poorly, one of them is to write something other than what you mean. Good Comma Editing helped me write what I meant and mean what I wrote.”

— Ben R., Director of Storytelling and Environments, Apex Community Church